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PRODUCTION MODULE of Financial and Accounting Software Mirage SQL covers the processes related to the supply and maintenance of inventories in a company. The system is designed to cover the full range of accounting activities for reporting and tracking stocks. Through the possibility for various references, a real visualization of the results of the activity is achieved.

Warehouse management functionality – full integration with ACCOUNTING MODULE:

  • maintenance of an unlimited number of warehouses;
  • reporting in value and quantity of inventories;
  • various possibilities for analytical monitoring of the Inventories /up to four analytical levels: by warehouses, groups, subgroups and specific nomenclatures/;
  • additional possibilities for monitoring the inventories: MH with two units of measurement, MH with alphanumeric code up to 100 symbols, etc.;
  • work with trade discounts / markups – setting the user’s choice for each transaction;
  • automated accounting operations for accounting and write-off of goods, finished goods and / or inventories;
  • stock reports – automatic tracking and reports on stock availability at any time and on the movement of stocks for a selected period;
  • references for stocks by additional criteria – by warehouses, groups and specific nomenclatures; references for nomenclatures, by eliminating / including zero quantities / values; by turnover for the selected period, etc.
  • printing of documents – issuance of invoices, warehouse receipts upon purchase, commodity receipts upon sale, proforma invoices / in BGN or foreign currency /, entry, printing and accounting of a sales report;
  • work with the value or percentage discount or markup on invoicing

Production functionality – full integration with ACCOUNTING MODULE:

  • creation of an individual Scheme / Schemes for production of finished products for a period selected by the user;
  • creating a recipe for a finished product;
    analytical monitoring of finished products /by warehouses, groups and nomenclatures of the products/;
  • calculation of the cost of GP: with materials and costs, setting cost norms for materials. Automatic distribution of production costs based on the selling price of the finished product, quantity of the finished product, planned price or input materials;
  • automatic accounting of operations to the production scheme;
  • accounting of the finished products in the warehouse /analytically by finished products/;
  • writing the main materials / quantity and value of the input materials.

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