Individuals and sole proprietors

Brain Storm Consult offers full accounting services to individuals and sole traders.

Whether you operate as a sole proprietor or you are a person who receives income from other economic activities than employment, Brain Storm Consult will provide you with professional services that meet your needs and use accounting information to optimize taxes due and Social security. Our company wants to give its customers the opportunity to carry out their activities in peace.

Sole trader
According to the Commercial Law, any able-bodied natural person residing in the country can be registered as a sole trader / sole proprietor /. The company of the sole trader must contain without abbreviations the personal and family name or father’s name by which he is known in the society. Foreign citizens can register as a sole proprietorship in Bulgaria, but only if they have a permanent residence in the country.

Correct accounting of the activity of sole traders / sole proprietors / presupposes work with various types of primary and secondary documents, procedures for opening and registration of sole proprietors, closing of sole proprietors, calculation and payment of insurances and taxes, preparation of reports, tax calculations, tax returns and many other.

It is possible that various cases and problems arise, therefore the decision for the choice of accounting services for sole proprietors should be well considered and a trained specialist should be sought.

Accounting services of ET:
Complete accounting services
Preparation and submission of an annual tax return
Preparation and submission of Annual Activity Report to the NSI
Completion of patent declarations;
Registration and deregistration under the VAT Act
Submission of monthly VAT returns
Preparation of reports
On the other hand, any natural person in Bulgaria who is not registered as a sole trader and who receives remuneration for non-employment relationships, fees, such as freelance, farmer, income from other economic activity, etc., is obliged to provide the relevant tax information. regarding their income for the current year before the Bulgarian tax institutions.

Accounting services of FL
Prepare us filing an annual tax return
Completion of a report for individuals who received income other than labor during the year;
Preparation of cash flow for the previous 5 years
Ongoing tracking of income and expenses of individuals
Registration and deregistration under the VAT Act
Preparation and submission of monthly VAT returns
Presentation during audits by the NRA
Preparation and submission of declarations under Art. 55 of the Personal Income Tax Act
The regime of taxation of the income of natural persons, including sole traders, is regulated by the provisions of the Personal Income Tax Act (PITA).

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