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Brain Storm Consult provides its clients with assistance at every stage related to VAT refund procedures. It is tailored to your real and individual needs.

You will receive assistance in compiling all mandatory documents and will be able to rely on professional advice in the field of VAT refund. Controlling all specific requirements and conditions will save you time and effort.

For your convenience, below we have answered the most frequently asked questions about VAT refunds.

1. Who can refund VAT paid abroad?
a) VAT can be refunded from the EU if you are a company registered for VAT in Bulgaria.

b) You have invoices issued by companies in the EU in which you have been charged VAT.

c) Accrued VAT is refunded for purchased goods and / or services for which your company would be entitled to a tax credit if these goods and / or services were purchased in Bulgaria.

2. Criteria for the right to a VAT refund?
a) The person refunding VAT for goods purchased by him, services received or imported must be registered for VAT in Bulgaria.

(b) The person reimbursing the VAT must not have made supplies of goods and services with a place of performance in the territory of the Member State of refund during the refund period, with the exception of transport and ancillary services for them, which constitute exempt supplies with the right to a tax credit or tax at a zero rate, and / or supplies for which the recipient is a taxable person under the law of the Member State of refund.

(c) The right to a refund shall exist where the taxable person – applicant uses the goods or services for taxable supplies or for taxable and non – taxable supplies for which he is entitled to a partial refund.

d) Minimum recovery thresholds

This threshold varies from one Member State to another. Where the claim for a refund is for a period of one calendar quarter, the amount of the refund tax may not be less than EUR 400.

Where the claim is for a period of one calendar year or for the remainder thereof, a tax refund shall be allowed only if the amount of tax for which the right to a refund has arisen is equal to or exceeds EUR 50.

(e) The person reimbursing VAT on goods purchased, services received or imported must meet the conditions laid down in the Member State of refund.

3. How is VAT refunded and who applies for a refund?
You send us the invoices scanned by e-mail and or copied to the address of our office, we review and process them. We apply for a refund to the Member State (s) and keep you informed of each step of the procedure. It is necessary for the manager of the company to authorize us before the National Revenue Agency, by entering an application for authorization prepared by us.

4. Is there a deadline for submitting a request for a VAT refund?
Yes, the request is submitted no later than 30.09 of the calendar year following the year in which the right to a tax refund arose.

The period for which the tax refund is made is a calendar quarter and / or a calendar year (a maximum of one person can submit five refund requests – four for the four calendar quarters and one for the calendar year).

5. How long does it take to receive the money?
Once we have sent your request for a refund to the Member State concerned, it will notify its decision to reject or approve the refund. The period shall be four months from the date on which the Member State receives the refund application.

Pursuant to Article 19 (2) of Council Directive 2008/9 / EC, the Member State of refund may, within four months, request additional information by electronic means from both the applicant and the competent authorities of the Member State of establishment. concerning the decision on the refund application.

If your application is approved, you will receive the amount no later than 10 working days after the deadline in Article 19 (2) of that Directive. If, in the decision-making process, the Member State of reimbursement has requested additional information from you, the amount should be granted to you after the expiry of the deadlines set out in Article 21 of that document.

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