Nowadays innovative and well-established companies provide concepts and techniques for development of franchise, turning it into the most powerful business model.

Franchise is a scheme of distribution of products and services, where the franchisee uses a tested business model, complies with it and pays subscription fees for the use of the brand.

By purchasing franchise you obtain from the franchiser the right to use his trademark and successful business model. Thus you are able to use an already tested, established and working system which includes ready solutions.

Franchise has a number of advantages to the traditional method of starting a business:

  • An established business model – use of tested technology, saving you the method of trial and error;
  • Minimum risk– the questions in such kind of undertaking are much less and the preconditions for success – much more;
  • Trademark– use of the positive image of an already familiar and respected trademark;
  • Know-how– provision of all tested and established procedures and practices of business management;
  • Better quality– permanent control over the quality of the products/services and customer service;
  • Development – a more secure start and possibility for faster business development;
  • Training– detailed training regarding the way you should manage your business and achieve success.

Brain Storm Consult would like to share its long-term experience, know-how and successful management model exactly through such type of partnership. The companies provides rights in the part pertaining to accounting services, accounting software, accounting and tax consulting and all the other accounting, financial and tax services. The franchisee will have the opportunity to start working immediately using an already established technology. The great advantage is the right to use the trademark “Brain Storm Consult”, which has managed to build a positive image of the company. The partners will skip the initial stage of trials and errors and therefore the risks before their new initiative will be reduced to minimum. Along with the prestige of the brand, the applicants will undergo training provided by a qualified team of specialists and experts.

The main objective of Brain Storm Consult is establishment of a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation where the company shall have a coordinating function. It shall support its partners in providing excellent service to their clients, shall render cooperation for achievement of their financial and business goals in order to maximize the opportunities for growth on the Bulgarian market.

The ideal candidate:

  • Sociable
  • Experienced in the business
  • Consistent
  • Correct and punctual
  • Disciplined and with clear goals
  • Enthusiastic, willing to attract new clients and improve the level of services


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