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Brain Storm Consult provides to its clients timely consulting with regard to issues arising in the course of using Financial and Accounting Software Mirage SQL. Our Helpdesk department will assist you through our SUPPORT system.  For access to the system please click HERE.


SUPPORT system

Timely consultation




Remote and temporary access to your computer


Brain Storm Consult provides to its clients timely consulting services in connection with issues regarding the use of Financial Accounting software Mirage SQL. Our Helpdesk department will assist you through our SUPPORT centre.


What do you need to do?

To enter your question into our SUPPORT system.

separate request should be sent for each particular case. Thus each problem will receive an individual solution.


When will you receive an answer?

The consultants at the Helpdesk department are highly qualified specialists, processing with priority urgent requests for cases impeding your normal workflow. The clients with maintenance contracts enjoy priority in service.


How do we provide feedback?

After you enter your request into our SUPPORT system, it will automatically be recorded with an individual number. Upon solution of the problem, you will receive back an e-mail with its solution.


What information do I need to provide upon processing of the request?

Apart from the information in your customer profile, which you need in order to work with our SUPPORT centre, upon request from our consultant from the Helpdesk department you will need to provide remote and temporary access to your computer. For this purpose you need to have installed TeamViewer 13 software. You can download it from HERE.


You can also contact us at:

  1. E-mail:
  2. For cooperation regarding Мirage SQL Accountancy module

+359 2 8099760 or +359 878 103 768

For cooperation regarding Мirage SQL Manpower, Wages and Personnel Module

+359 2 8099771 or +359 898 982 404

1407 Sofia, Lozenets, Lyuba Velichkova Street 9, fl. 6