Publication of Annual Financial Statements

Each company must prepare and publish its annual financial statements in order to provide information about the financial standing of the enterprise as at the end of the reported year and to enable comparison with data from previous periods.


The financial statements consist of:

  • Balance sheet;
  • Profit and Loss Account;
  • Equity Statement;
  • Statement on the Cash Flow;
  • Appendix


As a minimum the annual financial statements for all businesses consist of balance sheet, profit and loss account and appendix.


The annual financial statements of the micro enterprises may only include a summarized balance sheet by sections and a summarized profit and loss account.


The annual financial statements of the small enterprises may consist of summarized balance sheet by sections and groups, a summarized profit and loss account and an appendix.


The annual financial statements of the medium and large enterprises as well as the enterprises of public interest are drawn up as a full set, in accordance with the applicable accounting standards.


The annual financial statements of the sole proprietors, whose amount of the net sales income for the current reported period does not exceed BGN 200 000 and is not subject to a compulsory independent financial audit, may only consist of profit and loss account.


The Accountancy Act (AA) obliges some enterprises to prepare some additional documents and publish them together with the annual financial statements:

  • Annual report on the activity pursuant to Art. 39 of AA
  • Non-financial statement pursuant to Art. 48 of AA
  • Report on payments to governments pursuant to Art. 53 of AA


Ensure your peace of mind and entrust your Annual financial standing to us:

  • Publishing of Annual financial statements of Single-person Limited Liability Companies/ LLC
  • Publishing of Annual financial statements of Joint-stock companies


Brain Storm Consult will assist you in the complex procedures of publishing annual financial statements (AFS).


Our proposal is publishing of AFS in the Trade Register at the Registry Agency and saving time by submitting the documents electronically.


Procedure of publishing AFS in the Trade Register

The Accountancy Act obliges every trader within the meaning of the Commercial Act (CA) to prepare Annual Financial Statements (AFS) for the previous year by 31st March and certain enterprises are obliged by 30th June to publish the financial statements in the Trade Register (Art. 38 of AA).


IMPORTANT!!! In case of failure to comply with this obligation within the stipulated time limits, serious sanctions are applied.

  • The sole proprietors do not publish annual financial statements at the Registry Agency, with exception of those who are subject to a compulsory financial audit. If however they are willing to publish their statements, they can do so on our website.
  • Enterprises which have not had any activity during the reported period – this is declared in a statement published in the trade register by 31st March of the following year. There are no fees for publishing of the statement.


In order for us to publish your Annual financial statements or statement of no activity, you must send to our e-mail:


  1. Your statements in a format convenient for publishing /.pdf/.
  2. Your company details:
  • Full company name
  • Seat and registered address
  • UIC
  • Representative of the company
  • Partners/Shareholders
  • Compiler of the statements
  • Email (for contact with you and receipt of invoice)
  • Telephone number
  • Pay-in slip for the state fee (BGN 20) for electronic submission of reports.
  • Pay-in slip for the price of the service – to be paid in advance, by bank transfer.


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