Production module

The PRODUCTION MODULE of Financial Accounting software Mirage SQL covers the processes related to supplies and stock maintenance in a business company. The system has been developed in a manner comprising the full range of accounting activities and reporting and stock tracking. The possibility for various references enables real visualization of the results of the activity.


Storage Facility Functionality – full integration with the ACCOUNTANCY MODULE:

  • maintaining of an unlimited number of storehouses;
  • reporting of stock in quantities and values;
  • various possibilities for analytical tracking of the Inventory /up to four analytical levels: by storehouses, groups, sub-groups and specific nomenclatures/;
  • additional options for stock tracking: Inventory with two measuring units, Inventory with an alphanumeric code with up to 100 characters, etc.
  • work with commercial discounts/surplus charges – present by the user for each particular transaction;
  • automated accounting operations for entry and discharge of goods, finished products and/or inventory;
  • availability references – automatic tracking and stock reference as at a random time, and on the movement of the stock for a selected period; availability references by additional criteria – by storehouses, groups and particular nomenclatures; nomenclature references by elimination/inclusion of zero quantities/values; by turnover for a selected period, etc.
  • document printing – issuing of new invoices, sales warehouse receipts, proforma invoices /in BGN and foreign currencies/, entry, printing and accounting of sales reports;
  • work with value or percentage discounts or surplus charges while issuing invoices.


Production Functionality – full integration with the ACCOUNTING MODULE:

  • creation of an individual Production scheme(s) of the finished products for a period selected by the user;
  • creation of a finished product prescription;
  • analytical tracking of the finished production (by storehouses, groups and nomenclatures of the products)
  • calculation of the prime costs of the finished products: with material and expenses, setting expenditure norms for materials; automatic distribution of the production expenses on the basis of sale price of the finished production, quantity of the finished production, planned price or incorporated materials;
  • automatic accounting of the operations to the production scheme;
  • logging the finished products in the storehouse (analytically by finished products);
  • writing off the main materials (quantity and value of the incorporated materials).

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