Natural persons and Sole proprietors

According to the Commercial Act, any capable natural person with place of residence in the country can register as sole proprietor (SP). The firm of the sole proprietor must contain without abbreviations the first name and surname as publicly known. Foreign natural persons may only register as sole proprietors in Bulgaria if they have permanent residence in the country.

On the other side, any natural person in Bulgaria who is not registered as sole proprietor and receives income from non-employment relations, fees, earnings from another business activity, etc., undertakes to provide the relevant tax information regarding his/her earnings for the current year before the Bulgarian tax institutions, the deadline being 30th April of the following year.

The correct reporting of the activity of natural persons and sole proprietors (SP) involves work with different types of primary and secondary documents, procedures during incorporation and registration of SP, closing of SP, calculation and payment of social security contributions and taxes, preparation of reports, tax calculations, tax returns and many more.

There are many preconditions giving rise to cases, therefore the accountancy of SP must be entrusted to well-prepared professionals.

The taxation regime for earnings of natural persons, including sole proprietors, is governed by the Natural Persons Income Tax Act (NPITA).

Brain Storm Consult offers complete accounting services to natural persons and sole proprietors.

Whether you carry out activity as sole proprietor or receive income from rent, transfer and/or other types of rights, other business activities and/or other sources of income, other than employment, Brain Storm Consult will provide professional services in line with your needs and use of the accounting information for optimization of the taxes and social security contributions due. The clients have the opportunity to save a lot of time, problems and to develop their business trouble-free.

Accounting services to natural persons and sole proprietors:

  • Calculations and preparation of tax payments;
  • Preparation and submission of annual tax return to the local tax institutions;
  • Filling in patent statements;
  • Filling in references for natural persons who have received income other than employment throughout the year;
  • Preparation of cash flow for the previous 5 years; current reporting of income and expenses of natural persons;
  • Refund of overpaid income tax under the annual tax return.


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