Payroll and Personnel

Processing of wages and salaries and labour law are some of the most important functions of the accounting of any organization. The companies’ activities related to personnel management are many and require specially trained personnel. All of them involve high volumes of documents and strict compliance of certain rules, procedures and deadlines.

Brain Storm Consult takes care of these activities in order to enable you to deal with your business in a more efficient manner. Our specialists in manpower and wages are responsible for the precise processing of the documents.

We can release you from the burden of reviewing numerous legislative documents trying to find out how to cope with the needs of the employees working under full-time and part-time contracts, accruals and deductions, tax liabilities and related issues.

Our qualified specialists in manpower and wages pay attention to all details related to employment and dismissal or personnel, notification of NRA and the National Social Security Institute of the conclusion and termination of employment contracts, preparation of payrolls and all types of references, issuing of certificates, calculation of the social security contributions and compensations, submission of the necessary social security forms, etc. The whole process is based on flawless experience and knowledge in the field of social security and employment regulations.

The services we provide in the sphere of manpower and wages are offered together with the management of the operational accounting of our clients but also as a separate service.

They will implement and include the new requirements imposed by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – GDPR.


Our clients obtain the following services:

  • Preparation of employment contracts of the personnel, supplementary agreements thereto and orders for their termination;
  • Preparation of part-time contracts and accounts of amounts paid off;
  • Preparation and storage of record files of the employees;
  • Preparation and submission of notifications pursuant o Art. 62 of the Labour Code;
  • Preparation of payrolls, personnel expenses, budget relationships, payment slips;
  • Electronic submission of forms 1 and 6;
  • Preparation of the files for cashless payment of salaries;
  • Preparation and submission of payment orders for mass payment of social security contributions and taxes for the personnel and owners. If required by the client, also going to the service bank with power of attorney;
  • Preparation of retirement documents;
  • Filling in service books;
  • Issuing of certificates and income certificates to the employees;
  • Processing of documents for temporary incapacity for work, pregnancy and childbirth and their submission to the National Social Security Institute;
  • Representation of companies before the National Revenue Agency in cases of inspections, regarding Public Insurance, Health Insurance and Supplementary Compulsory Pension Insurance;
  • Preparation of intra-corporate documents: Orders for business trips, Job descriptions, Internal by-laws, Internal rules for the emoluments, Work shifts schedule;
  • Intermediation for occupational medicine;
  • Consulting and cooperation for personnel hiring.

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