Brain Storm Consult offers а complex solution for work with Financial Accounting Software Mirage SQL– implementation process. According to each client’s specification and requirements, our specialists adjust the software in a manner which suits best the needs of your business.

Mirage SQL is an adaptive software and offers a number of easily accessible add-ons.

The implementation process is considered completed when the software is installed on the relevant workplaces, it is configured according to the requirements of the specific client and training is conducted for work with Financial and accounting software Mirage SQL.


Stages of implementation of Mirage SQL:


– Signing of contract for process automation;

– Formation of project teams;

– Drawing up a working plan with detailed responsibilities of each party;

– Detailed study of the company’s activity, familiarization with the processes;

– Analysis of the client’s hardware;

– Determination of the data subject to conversion and drawing up a migration plan;

– Discussion of the ascertained points of conflict;

– Defining solutions of the points of conflict;

– Discussion of the possible corrections, additional work and fixing of the method of work;

– Establishing a plan for implementation of the additional work and corrections;

– Programming;

– Internal module tests and corrections;

– Creation of an operational mode for precise adaptation of the system to the client’s processes;

– Installation of Mirage SQL

– Creation of users at Mirage SQL

– Defining user rights at Mirage SQL

– Defining basic adjustments for work with the system Mirage SQL

– Defining and adjustment of the views and interface in the system Mirage SQL

– Creation of chart of accounts (customized, depending on the client’s needs). *After clarification with the client in advance.

– Creation of quotes (according to the client’s needs). *After clarification with the client in advance.

– Creation of a link between documents. *After clarification with the client in advance.

– Testing the system, operational mode and implementation of corrections (if necessary);

– User training;

– Starting up the system in real conditions;

– Creation of lists with optional and mandatory modifications;

– Proving ability for beginning of real operation;

– Beginning of real operation, signing of a record of production start up;

– Post-implementation period;

– Analysis of the system’s operation;

– Assistance for the first VAT period.

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