Financial audit

Brain Storm Consult offers a wide range of audit services, depending on your needs, all around the year. Planning, execution and reporting comply with the requirements of the International Audit Standards and the applicable national law. During performance of our auditing responsibility, our team is led by the ethical principles stipulated in the Code of Ethics of the professional accountants, including but not limited to: decency, confidentiality, professional competence and behaviour. As part of our job, we familiarize ourselves in depth with our business, analyze the processes in your enterprise and track down their correct reporting and representation in the financial statements. On this basis we give relevant recommendations for improvement of the strategically important activities and financial reporting of the enterprise.


Head of the audit team is Kameliya Terziyska, Decon, doctor of Economics, a long-term lecturer of International Accounting Standards, diplomaed chartered accountant and registered auditor, ex-head of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Internal Auditors in Bulgaria, active participant in the economic life of the country and holder of multiple prizes for exceptional professional and expert achievements.


Our services include:

  • Independent financial audit of annual financial statements in compliance with the International Audit Standards (IAS);
  • Internal audit
  • Special purpose audit (of special sites, reports, supervisory and accounting systems, contractual terms and conditions);
  • Risk assessment and management recommendations;
  • Review of the internal control system;
  • Limited review of financial statements;
  • Execution of contractual procedures of reports under different projects financed by special funds;
  • Checks in connection with transformation of business companies pursuant to Chapter XVI of the Commercial Act;
  • Thematic inspections of sites at the discretion of the management/owners;
  • Certification of prognosticated financial information;
  • Audit of projects funded by programmes of the European Union (EU), international financial organizations, etc.


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