Business Software Mirage SQL

Financial Accounting Software Mirage SQL is an integrated system ensuring overall functioning of the financial and accounting activity of the companies and is intended to provide comprehensive, timely and trustworthy information for their management needs.

During its first presentation at Plovdiv Technical Fair in 1999, Financial and Accounting software Mirage SQL won a gold medal.

Whether your company operates in the field of Services, Trade or Production, full automation of the accounting process can be achieved.

The company has been a certified partner of Microsoft since 2013.


 The logics of development of Mirage SQL is directed towards its universal application – without restrictions in terms of adjustments for any type of activity, structure and scale of the company. The product complies with the Bulgarian accounting standards. The recommended national chart of accounts of IDEC on the basis of which an individual chart of accounts is established, has been integrated.


According to its function, Mirage SQL is directed towards a very wide range of specific users – through a system of pre-defined accounting quotes. Even people without knowledge in the sphere of accountancy can operate the software.


The idea of single input of the accounting information has been pre-set in the integrated system of Mirage SQL, as a result of which it is automatically transferred to all related functional units.


A specific feature of Mirage SQL is its maximum simplicity and accessibility of the system from the user’s point of view.


  • multi-company support – there is an option for work with an unlimited number of companies;
  • opportunity for simultaneous work with unlimited periods and years, without carrying out interim termination and neutralization of the turnover;
  • data transfer between different companies, data transfer between remote branches of the company;
  • possibility for work in a local network, setting of restricted access rights;
  • incorporated options for archiving and restoration of the accounting information;
  • maximum simplicity, clarity and accessibility.

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