Management and legal consulting

Each company faces strategic, operational, technological and other tasks of management nature. Brain Storm Consult provides the necessary resources and know-how for their solution. In this connection the services offered by us cover the following aspects:

Management consulting

  • Preparation of business development and planning strategies – management development; mergers and acquisitions; organizational design; financial planning and budgeting.

  • Analysis of the risk and financial standing, which includes:

Cash flow analysis;
– Profit analysis;
– Balance structure analysis;
– Analysis of the company’s competitiveness;
– Human resource analysis;
– Preparation of a business plan;
– Consulting on strategic funding, including financial prognostication, modeling and assessments.

  • Optimization of the operating activity – study and improvement of the business processes; operational review and assessment, cost management.

  • Discovering misuse of managers, accountants and accountable persons.

Consulting services during transaction (Due diligence):

  • Financial and tax due diligence;

  • Vendor due diligence;

  • Assessment of the management within the period before and after the investment;

  • Improvement of the presentation;

  • IT due diligence;

  • Conclusive reports.

Legal consulting:

Our company carries out its legal activity through partners providing comprehensive legal services to business companies and citizens, including:

  • Registration of companies, sole proprietors, non-profit legal entities, etc., as well as changes in the declared circumstances;

  • Preparation of contracts protecting the rights and interests of our clients:

  • Legal consulting and advice in the field of corporate, commercial, tax, labour, banking, customs and currency laws;

  • Defense before courts and arbitration courts on cases connected with commercial and civil transactions;

  • Representation and cooperation with regard to privatization transactions, concession procedures, public procurement procedures;

  • Consulting on the legal aspects of transactions with securities;

  • Preparation of franchise contracts;

  • Carrying out transactions with real estates in favour of foreign citizens and companies;

  • Establishing contacts with local and central bodies of the state authority. Сontact us for detailed information and quote!

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