Bulgarian Confederation for Innovation

THE BULGARIAN CONFEDERATION FOR INNOVATION is a non-governmental organization for the public benefit, established in 1999.

The founder is Kameliya Terziyska – DEcon, a long-term lecturer of International accounting standards, diplomaed chartered accountant and registered auditor, chairperson of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Internal Auditors in Bulgaria, an active participant in the economic life of the country and holder of multiple prizes for exceptional professional and expert achievements.



Our mission is “Building of a new world”, namely creation of new paradigms, new organizations, new systems, new relationships of the participants in the processes: investment, production, exchange, consumption.


BCI has specific objectives:

  • establishment of circles of innovators and followers, people ready to cooperate for the accomplishment of the mission;
  • support of organizations and structures for implementation of the innovations, created by teams of the Confederation;
  • training of the teams in the relevant structures in connection with the innovations;
  • organization of events in different sectors of the industry for exchange of ideas, good business practices and finding of innovators;
  • increase in the competitiveness of the members and organizations – users of the innovations, created within the Confederation;
  • improvement of the business climate in the country.


BCI is an active participant in social activities:

  • organizes conferences, symposiums, workshops and training of members and partners from sectors of the industry;
  • prepares and issues scientific literature and periodicals for popularization and exchange of the innovative activities;
  • partners with central and local authorities, organizations, legal entities and natural persons;
  • cooperates with international organizations;
  • cooperates for the provision of funds from national and international sources.