Audit of EU projects

Auditing engagement for inspection and confirmation of the expenses reflected in interim and final reports on EU-funded projects

The rules for management of projects funded by EU programmes include a requirement for audit of the expenses and execution of the activities under the approved project, carried out by a registered auditor or a specialized audit company.

The auditing obligation includes inspection of interim and final financial statements on projects for compliance of the reported expenses and executed activities with all requirements of the Contracting authority, the applicable national and community regulations.


Consulting activity related to EU-funded projects


Brain Storm Consult provides consulting in the development and implementation of rules and procedures for financial management of EU-funded projects, training of the personnel for their implementatin and financial monitoring in all phases of the project cycle. Our desire is to discuss together with our clients their future activities and to exclude the possibility for errors with unfavourable impact on the project implementation.


Financial reporting and administration of projects funded by EU programmes


Brain Storm Consult has a long-term experience in:

  • Preparation of individual accounts, registers, recapitulations, payment orders for remuneration under employment and part-time contracts under the project;
  • Preparation of summarizing pay-rolls, references for contributions of the employer under employment contracts, references for social security contributions paid under part-time contracts according to the requirements of the relevant operational programme;
  • Issuing of business trip orders and reporting of business trip costs;
  • Procedures of selection of suppliers of goods and equipment in connection with the project execution;
  • Observation of payment and reporting deadlines according to the budget framework;
  • Current monthly monitoring of the execution of the budget of the relevant programme in BGN and EUR;
  • Maintaining analytical system of reporting of direct and indirect project expenses (expenses by bank transfer, expenses in cash, expenses under the separate budget items);
  • Preparation of an interim financial report and a final financial report with all necessary financial references thereto (in accordance with the requirements of the grant contract);
  • Observation of the payment and reporting deadlines according to the budget framework;
  • Preparation of annual and interim financial reports in Bulgarian, English or another language.


All activities are carried out in strict compliance with the client’s requirements and in accordance with the confidentiality principles, included in the contract with Brain Storm Consult.

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