Audit cafe

What is audit cafe?

The history of the so called “World cafe” started in California in 1995, when several persons related to business and science, gathered for an open discussion of ideas. Since 1995 onwards, “World cafe” has been applied not only in America but also in Europe. The flexible form and lack of restrictions for meetings and talks has proven its efficiency and wide use – for study and discussion of different issues, generating ideas and finding solutions of various problems. (


Audit Cafe is a discussion organized under the method of the World Cafe, an easy to use model of establishing a network of constructive discussion of issues pertaining to a certain problem, topical and of interest to the society. This method can be called in different ways, depending on the purposes, but always one and the same principles and format are used, as in the World Cafe – a global movement in support of various talks. The opportunity for the participants to move along different tables, to meet new people, to contribute with their way of thinking, are some of the main characteristics of the Cafe. The final stage of one Cafe is unification of the different processes from the separate talks into a comprehensive model which could be seen by everybody.


Audit Cafe 2015

On 11 March 2015 in the building of Vivacom Arthall, around 70 colleagues from all sectors of the audit gathered in order to discuss the future of the Profession. The event was organized by the Audit Innovation Lab Bulgaria, with the support of the Institute of Internal Auditors in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Confederation for Innovation.

The motto of the meeting was “To rediscover the Profession by reaching the essence”. The meeting was in the form of a dialogue, called World Cafe (Audit Cafe).

The idea of this format is that every participant may specify a topic which is of interest to him and which he wishes to discuss with the other participants. Each of the participants may choose the discussion which he could attend.

Topics discussed at Audit Cafe 2015

  1. “How to make the internal audit beneficial to a maximum extent as a trusted consultant and supplier of confidence“
  2. “Auditing committments with respect to Risk management in banks within the context of the new European regulations“
  3. “Reasons for the failure of the Organization and the liability of the internal auditors”
  4. “Introduction of specialized software for internal audit“
  5. “Use of the method of Continuous Auditing in the organization“