Accounting module

The Accounting module of Financial Accounting software Mirage Мираж SQL is a functionality enabling the creation of an individual chart of accounts. For user’s convenience, the National chart of accounts is preset in order to serve as a base for defining the individual chart of accounts. Multi-company accounting, work with thousands of nomenclatures and 5 analytical levels.

Briefly, the ACCOUNTING MODULE contains:

  • Accounting operations – reverse entries, copying, corrections, deletions;
  • Tax documents – invoicing and recording under the VAT Act;
  • Fast entry of purchases and sales;
  • Warehousing purchase and sale documents and their transformation into tax documents;
  • Banking documents;
  • Cash documents;
  • Inventory – inventory, comparative register;
  • Production;
  • VAT registers,
  • Reference declaration under VAT Act;
  • VIES-declaration;
  • Accounting references;
  • Financial and commercial references;
  • Fixed assets;
  • Accounting amortization, tax amortization plan and accounting amortization plan;
  • Automatic generation of annual financial statements;
  • Pricing policy;
  • Transfer between storehouses;
  • Data transfer
  • Automatic setting for account closure – revenue, expenditure and material accounts;


ACCOUNTING MODULE of Financial Accounting software Mirage SQL:

  • possibility for creation of an individual chart of accounts;
  • automatic document filling – maximum facilitation of the accountant’s daily work by means of a flexible system of automated entries. It is sufficient to pre-define the accounting entries and all routine operations drop off – the system works only with the name of the accounting entry without composing accounting items. This enables accounting of several pieces of correspondence simultaneously. The user may define independently an unlimited number of automatic entries which at a later stage can be corrected or new ones can be added;
  • at the user’s choice it can also operate without pre-defined entries (by means of entry of the ciphers of the corresponding accounts);
  • facilitation with respect to data search and filtering in lists by different signs (filter in each text field, etc.);
  • fixed assets – tracking down the historical price of the fixed assets; Inventory book for all fixed assets, by selected accounts or for a selected inventory number: purchase price, net book value, with additional criteria for the Inventory book – amortizations by months or years for the whole term of use of the asset, as well as an option for selection until certain month and year; filtering of the assets by location of the fixed asset and the person in charge; creation of accounting amortization plan and tax amortization plan;
  • amortizations – automatic generation of accounting and tax amortization plan. Automatic accrual and reverse entry of amortizations for a given period – by months or for a random period exceeding one month;
  • multi-currency support – work with an unlimited number of foreign currencies, exchange rate for the day – automatic download from BNB. References, options for review and correction of currency exchange rates;
  • automatic revaluation of accounts in foreign currencies – jointly or by choosing an account of specific analytic level/for all currencies or for a particularly chosen type of currency;
  • inventory – three levels of analytic reporting of inventory, value and quantitative expression, option for automatic writing off;
  • VAT – automated generation of text files for the purchase register, sales register and Reference – declaration under VAT Act.
  • The information in the VAT module is automatically filled in after each entry of a document related to purchase or sale;
  • automated closure of expenditure accounts;
  • option for effecting reverse entries;
  • multiple opportunities for corrections during and after entry of accounting information;
  • permanent use of supporting information in the process of entry and generation of references;
  • the user has information about the current value and quantitative balances under the corresponding accounts during entry (for convenience they are located on the same entry screen);
  • invoicing – entry and correction of already entered invoices, invoice printing, pre-defining of a random per cent of commercial discount or surplus charge for each transactin; printing of proforma invoices;
  • contractors: analysis of clients and suppliers and other business contractors under separate invoices; extended options for search in the nomenclature of contractors: filtering by name, tax number and bulstat; tracking of contractors in BGN and foreign currency; references on receivables and liabilities in BGN and foreign currencies – general and specific invoices; additional criteria for the references – by turnover, by elimination of covered receivables/liabilities, etc.;
  • printing of documents – printing of revenue and expenditure cash orders – in BGN and in foreign currency;
  • generation of revenue/expenditure cash orders to an entered purchase/sale document or separate /independently of the document/ entry of petty cash credit or payment orders in BGN and in foreign currency from the menu “Payments” – Cash documents – automatic numbering, options for review of entered orders for a selected period, automatic reporting of accounting operations;
  • customs declarations – automatic distribution of expenses for duty (excise), transport, insurance and other expenses; automatic reporting of Customs declarations;
  • automated generation of Balance sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Cash flow statement, Equity statement. The user has an opportunity for additional settings of the accounting reports;
  • a wide range of references on a synthetic and analytical level: Account register; Ledger, trial balance, chronological description of operations by criterion chosen by the user: random time range; supplementary criteria, depending on the nature of the reference;
  • inventory – of fixed assets or inventory – drawing up an inventory of the actual stock, accounting of the inventory results;
  • document transfer – import of documents from other companies: import and export of documents between different workstations.

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