MIRAGE sales management software and Ordinance H-18 



Our team has developed and adjusted the parameters of our software to match the new requirements. After a test, all current and potential customers will be able to work with the program.

MIRAGE allows integration with the following cash registers:

  • Daisy
  • Datex
  • Eltrade
  • Tremol

MIRAGE sales management software and the available changes in accordance with Ordinance H-18:

  • Ability to create user accounts and user roles for people who will use the software
  • Add the data for the company profile with which the application will work
  • Entering data on the companies that will be worked with and on which sales will be made, and debit and credit notices will be issued. Commitment of the entered contractors to the already selected company profile.
  • Add the fiscal devices that are available to the company that is selected in the company profile. Commitment of each fiscal device to a specific company
  • Creation of retail outlets and workplaces, as each workplace belongs to a specific retail outlet of the company. Set the serial number of the fiscal device that will be used in this workplace. Only a fiscal device that is pre-registered with the company can be selected.
  • Possibility to add items and units of measure

The terms for introduction of the changes under Ordinance H-18 for the business are:

Replacement or modification of the cash registers of VAT registered persons who do not use software for sales management in retail outlets by March 31, 2019.

All traders – regardless of whether or not they are registered for VAT, using sales management software, must change or modify their cash registers and make the software used by them in accordance with regulatory requirements by September 30, 2019.