Dr. Kamelia Terziyska in a TV show “Business Start” hosted by Hristo Nikolov

Dr. Kamelia Terziyska, a woman with a successful career and a happy family, talks about the new Facebook Dating platform, love and finding a soul mate.

Nowadays, achieving a balance between success at work and our love life is not easy.

The business lady for 2013 and 2017 is an example of how combining them is possible and proves that anyone who wants can have everything.

Dr. Kamelia Terziyska is the owner of the financial and accounting company Brain Storm Consult, which has been developing successfully for more than 22 years. She is also a happy wife and proud mother of 3 children.

Her desire to help people around her both professionally and personally is the reason she created the matchmaking agency “The Ideal Partner”.

“Most people have not felt a sense of romance for a long time and are looking for a partner. At the same time, the demographic problem is huge with all the failed relationships,” said Dr. Terziyska.

Matchmaking agency The ideal partner connects people personally through pre-prepared questionnaires with psychologists and matchmaking consultants.