Vision and Values

Brain Storm Consult pursues the conventional human and business ethical standards of professional behaviour,  in line with the tasks and ideas of the company.

The main conviction at Brain Storm Consult is close observation of the principles of Correctness and Ethics and the precise compliance with the laws of the country in which we operate, both in the contacts with our clients and business partners and in all institutions in the country – in our personal and official relationships.

Our business philosophy includes values which help us develop throughout the years by increasing the quality of our services/products and maintaining high level of service for our clients.


Team …

The most valuable asset of each company is its team of people. Brain Storm Consult guarantees and ensures equal conditions for development of all its employees, depending of course, on the abilities of each one of them. We evaluate on the basis of qualification, efforts, punctuality, precision and diligence at work.


Respect, Correctness, Loyalty…

We value and respect our employees, clients and partners very much. We always treat the others in the same way as we want them to treat us and the good manners are present in all our contacts.



For us the method of BRAINSTORMING is the best possible means of resolving current issues and generating new useful ideas. Creativity within the team is encouraged.


Individual approach and solutions …

We try to cover the requirements of all our present and future clients to a maximum degree. After we familiarize ourselves in details with the business activity of a particular client, we provide him with the most appropriate solutions and he is satisfied with the result. And the satisfied client is the best advertisement!


Positivism …

The positive attitude is a precondition for success. There are times of hardships and problems in any type of work but the ability to find the positive solutions is compulsory if you want to develop. There is no “I can’t” for us, just “How can we”.


Growth and Persistency …

The strive for improvement and development is essential for each business. We constantly improve and upgrade our working business model in order to be competitive and meet the tendencies and requirements of the market.

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